The Federal Media Commission (FMEC) advises the Federal Council and the government. The FMC is responsible for monitoring and analysing the Swiss media landscape and delivering recommendations on selected issues. In addition to its advisory function, the Commission also addresses topics on its own initiative. The FMEC communicates its recommendations and the results of its investigations to the public in an appropriate form. The FMEC promotes public discourse about media-related issues throughout Switzerland.

The FMC was set up by the Federal Council in November 2012 on the basis of Article 57a of the Government and Administration Act of 25 November 1998 (GAA; CC 172.010.1). The members of the FMC were appointed in March 2013 by the Federal Council. The FMEC has been operational since mid-2013.

By establishing the Media Commission, the Federal Council was responding to the development of the media in Switzerland, which has been undergoing a rapid transformation in recent years. As a result, the Federal Council's tasks in the media sector are becoming more and more challenging and demand extensive and forward-looking specialist knowledge.

The members of the FMEC were appointed by the Federal Council. They are experts from outside the administration and therefore represent relevant professional groups, institutions and associations from the media sector as a whole.

The Commission Secretariat advises and assists the Commission in the execution of its duties.

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Last edition: 26.02.2024